Pay your wholesale suppliers up to 7 days later, for free

Nuvo combines free A/P automation with no-fee business banking to maximize cash flows for businesses like UHS

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Rewarding A/P & Bill Pay Designed to Improve Cash Flows

Nuvo finances free credit extensions when you pay your suppliers online. Pay each supplier 7 days later up to $25,000, and 3 days later after $25k. Extended financing coming soon.

Schedule bill payment

Respond to your supplier's Nuvo invoice request. Or schedule a payment to any supplier, even if they're not using Nuvo.

Nuvo pays your supplier on time

Suppliers receive a bank transfer from Nuvo, along with invoice details to help with reconciliation.

Pay Nuvo back, up to 7 days later

Repay your short-term loan with ACH (free) or credit card (2.75%). Nuvo reports on-time payments to D&B to improve your rating.


Introducing the Nuvo Wallet

Pay any supplier in the world up to 7 days later for FREE when funds originate from your Nuvo Business Checking account


No-Fee Business Banking

No monthly fees. No overdraft fees. No foreign transaction fees. No ATM fees at 50,000 locations. No minimum balance requirement. FDIC-insurance for $250,000.

Rewarding Debit Card

Forget compicated points programs and put away the high-interest credit cards. Nuvo Debit offers 0.5% cash back on all purchases - no minimum spend, no category limit, no BS.

Roles & Permissions

Add unlimited team members to your account for free, including your accountant. Set controls on what they can view and and what actions they can take.

Free & Easy Transfers

Quickly & easily move funds between Nuvo and external bank accounts. With your account & routing numbers, you can pay rent, run payroll, and even send money overseas.


Two-way sync with your accounting system

Nuvo automatically matches payments with invoices, so you no longer need to spend time on manual reconciliation and double-entry.





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Always free to use and no monthly fees

Pay all your suppliers for free, with 3-7 days of free financing.

Additional fees apply if you'd like to pay vendors who aren't suppliers (i.e. rent, contractors, utilities), or if you'd like Nuvo to mail a check on your behalf.



to pay suppliers via ACH

Or pay any vendor using a credit card for 2.75% fee & earn rewards

  • Up to 7 days of free invoice financing

  • Unlimited suppliers & customers

  • Unlimited A/P management & bill pay

  • Unlimited users per account

  • Business Checking account

  • Accounting software integrations